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Custom Web Design Services

Captivate your users with impressive design and graphics, then keep them engaged on your site by making it easy for them to find what they need. The look and feel of a website will attract your customers, but the key to success is down to your user experience. Your website should be engaging, easy to navigate and focused on your target audiences needs. With our Web design services you will achieve this and more.

Content is King in designing a website and we will help you to understand and achieve what is required in this area. We can assist you with choosing the right images for your website, source stock images and help with image quality and sizing of your own images. If your website needs product or business images, we can recommend a great photographer who can assist in this area and photography can form a percentage of you project for your TOV application.

Blueleaf Web Design provides custom web design services primarily for start ups, small businesses, charities & individuals.

Web Design Services – Standard Features

If you engage us to design a website for you, as standard it will include the below features.

  • Custom Website Design / Web Design Services
  • All of our designs are responsive, meaning that your website will be viewed perfectly on any device.
  • Content Management System (WordPress)  so that you can easily add or amend content as required
  • Social Media Integration so your customers can link to your Facebook, Instagram or others as required
  • Contact Form (with anti-spam features) so that potential customers can easily send you a message
  • Sign Up to Newsletter/Mailing List
  • On Page SEO so that your customers will easily find you when searching the keywords you choose
  • Reviews/Testimonials feed from Google or Facebook as required
  • Photo Galleries if required
  • Security features
  • All projects include video tutorials on how to update and manage your content and supporting documentation where appropriate
  • 100% Ownership rights

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