Website Care & Maintenance

Why do I need to maintain my website?

It’s a great feeling to put your new website live, you’ve spent months working with your Web Designer refining all of the details. You’re happy with the design and all of the features included will do wonders for your business. So, my here work is done, right? Well, not really.

Even if you don’t plan on updating your website’s content regularly, software is always changing, providing new releases of products to include new features, fix a bug or tighten up on security. It is important to keep your software up to date to keep everything functioning well and prevent your website from getting hacked. Out of date software leaves you at risk of getting hacked. A hacked website can be very problematic to fix and can end up being very costly to your business in terms of cost to repair, business reputation and possibly fines depending on what data you capture and store.

What needs to be done to keep a website up to date, secure and functioning well?

First of all, it’s important to carry out regular backups, ideally multiple backup types stored in different locations will have you covered in the event of something catastrophic happening to your website.

Software updates to plugins, themes, WordPress itself and PHP when needed. In order to perform any of these updates, a backup should be taken, then each piece of software updated and tested on all device types.

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