About Blue Leaf

My Story

I joined a choir! I have always enjoyed singing and hadn’t been in a choir for years, so when a friend asked if I’d like to join a choir I jumped at the chance. Little did I know where it would lead to.

At my first committee meeting, I lowered my head when the committee chairperson asked if anyone had any IT experience and could help the choir manage the project for it’s new website.

I had only just left Vodafone having worked there in Technology for over 20 years, I was on a break, but they were stuck, so of course I said yes!!

Getting a good web designer was not as easy as I thought it would be. Some web designers didn’t reply, some didn’t have a great profile or good websites of their own, some gave quotes but when we said we wanted to proceed they disappeared and worst of all, one took our money and never delivered.

Thankfully, we persevered and did eventually find a great web designer to deliver the choir’s fabulous website. It was through working with him on the project that I gained an insight into WordPress.

While considering my next career move, I realised that this was something I could do well, it was similar to some of the systems I had worked with before and with my IT experience and skills, I knew that I could provide a great experience.

I dusted off my college notes, spent some time doing new courses to bring my Web Design & Development skills back up to date and voila, Blue Leaf Web Design was born.

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